Monday, 25 August 2014

Outfit post - about changing style almost daily

Happy Modcloth Monday, guys.

Every day I see all these lovely pin up gals on the Internet and especially on Instagram. And I really do envy how committed they are to a style or to vintage but I can't seem to do that. I love vintage dresses and I love swing dresses but then I go on Modcloth and I see shorter lenght dresses in amazing prints and/or colours and styles and I just can't help myself. So my wardrobe is an eclectic and rather confused combination of old and new, short and long, extremely dressy and pretty casual. And especially Bea and Dot dresses have a special place in my wardrobe and in my heart even though the fit seems a little inconsistent. I'm usually an XS but I got a dress that I couldn't even zip up O.o
I seem to have accumulated a lot of B&D dresses especially in the last sale and I even have a few more on my wish list (I have mentioned this dress before I think). I didn't do it on purpose, it was just the dresses I was attracted to.

Dress: Bea & Dot from Modcloth
This is one of the dresses I flirted with for so long but decided not to get as it wasn't very rockabilly or pin up-py. But I am also a practical gal. I really like my clothes to be comfortable and it can be a hassle with huge petticoats and and full skirts, girdles and stockings. So when this went on sale I started wondering why I was trying so hard to be one thing when I clearly didn't really want to be just one thing. I mean when I am so attracted to shorter lenghts and different styles than just the one, why not go with it?

I love the sleeves on this dress. And there's hardly anything that makes me happier than a good novelty print (except of course kittens and nachos) or in this case a novelty embroidery and if you throw in pockets and a sweetheart neckline you have a recipe for love in my case. And add some polkadotted!! tights and a hat? Well, I for one am smiling away on this cloudy Monday.

Hat: Old from H&M
The tights are super cute but sadly I'm tiny (4'11") and they are really long so they so stretch over the day and I have to pull at them. But polka dots and scallops? I will pull all day if I have to, I'm not taking them off.

Polkadot tights: Modcloth Shoes: Also Modcloth
A very lazy summer have made my dresses a little tight around the waist (ahem, better start running again soon) but you can't really tell in this dress though as the waist in on the bottom of my rib cage rather than on my waist. It's not my favourite fit but it's still a really cute dress and I am happy it's in my life ^.^

Hope you're having a lovely Monday, Modcloth or otherwise :)

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Adventures of Kat: The day we were leaving for Rome and Poe the Cat nearly died

Long title much? And quite the cliff hanger too :) No worries it has a happy ending.

We got Poe from the shelter a cold winters day. The metro was broken and we nearly didn't get there in time before the shelter closed. But we arrived and there was one kitten. You can never be sure there are any suitable cats when you go to the shelter but one was out of the ordinary. We had some criteria as we had a youngster cat at home: the new cat should be playful (Jones was very bored and quickly becoming a brat because of it) and not too dominating as Jones is a scaredy cat.
The kitten was adorable! And taken. A mom had just left to get her kids because they wanted to be there when they brought it home. So no kitten for us.

The lady asked us if we would be willing to look at an older cat. Boyfriend had his heart set on a kitten but I didn't care. A cat is a cat to me and I don't really care how old it was ;)
She pointed at a messy tuxedo cat who looked incredibly grumpy. He was 2 years old and his owner just died. Now I would look grumpy too if my best friend had just died so we wanted to give him a chance and talked to him for a while and played with him. And he was adorable. He even walked straight into the carrier liked he belonged there. We were told that it could take a week before the two cats would accept each other but after two days they slept along side each other, ate together and used the same litterbox.

In the cab to his new home

What'ya doing in my box?


6 months later (about a year ago now) we were going to Rome for my birthday. My little brother and his girlfriend were coming to house- and cat sit for us. A series of unfortunate events did that we didn't realise until 4 hours before our flight that Poe was indeed very sick. He couldn't pee. We initially thought it was because he had hurt his little cat penis a few days in advance (some crystal cat litter had gotten stuck to it and I had to remove it with pincers! Seriously don't buy that shit! It was a first and last for me).
But this morning it became clear that he couldn't pee, it wasn't just that it hurt and that he didn't want to. We rushed to the vet as soon as it opened and she sent us straight to the animal hospital in a taxi cab - me bawling me eyes out, cat moaning and crying in the carrier, boyfriend trying to convince me that the cat would survive and the poor cab driver just utterly uncomfortable.

He has the roundest eyes I ever saw on a cat

When we got to the animal hospital he was diagnosed with bladder stones (as the vet also had suggested). He was sedated and rushed off for operation. His blatter was maybe hours maybe minutes from rupturing. We called my brother and he assured us that they would take care of everything and collect the cat when he was well enough to come home. So we rushed back home with immense relief, got our luggage and we made our flight! The vet called when we were waiting to board and it had all gone well. He was alive and well and apart from a little fever he was fine.

I accidentally locked him in the closet
He was in hospital for 3 days and has to be on a special diet for the rest of his life. Both cats eat urinary food now. Better safe than sorry! All in all with cab fares and vet bills he is the most expensive cat I'll probably ever own (about $1800 thank you very much) but you cannot put a price on love. We only had him for 6 months at the time but it was unthinkable to have him put down. And today a year after he is a happy (albeit still grumpy looking), healthy cat in his last ever home (well, we'll move at some point but home is where the heart is, right? Or where the cat food is).

He likes computers very much

And games. Well he loves being the center of attention
They would make an excellent super villain team
Oh and we had a brilliant trip to Rome. Although it was 40C degrees and we had to stay in the hotel most of the day because it was too hot to be outside. If you ever concider going to Rome, don't do it in August ;) We learned the hard way.

Monday, 4 August 2014

The Adventures of Kat: Into vintagestyle

I moved to Copenhagen when I was 20 years old. I got a job in a huge department store (Magasin du Nord for those who are familar with it) for a couple of years, selling mens wear for Oscar Jacobson (a lot of it is actually very retro looking. I was always bummed the suits and waist coats didn't fit me :) ) and later on I moved to the womens floor selling for the British brand Oasis. Even though Oasis does have some retro looking stuff I was one of those girls who wore black leggings/skinny jeans and long oversize tops/short dresses most days pretending that was an outfit >.<

Spring 2010 - actually this is the day I met my boyfriend for the very first time

Barcelona 2012

I was always fascinated with 50s and 60s fashion and I have always had a few vintagestyle items in my wardrobe. I was never brave enough to go all the way and endure the discomfort in being stared at for dressing like a 50s housewife and that is unavoidable where I live. I totally get it though. I look like I'm going to a ball when I'm grocery shopping so I probably deserve a few stares :) Kids are fascinated and touch my petticoat and laugh (which is really awkward), teenagers stare and think I'm lame (but then who isn't lame to a teenager) and grown women want my dresses. So yes, you get a lot of attention. It can be awkward if you like me actually aren't that comfortable with a lot of attention and isn't too great at random chatting and small talk (I'm a big time introvert and my social skills could definitely be better).

Summer 2013

And then I discovered Modcloth. I knew the site existed but I always just dreamed about the beautiful dresses and shoes. Most isn't available in Denmark and we have ridiculous taxes when shopping outside the EU so I never ventured beyond dreaming. But then I saw the Hooked on a Feline dress on Pinterest and how appropriately named it was! It was my first Modcloth purchase of many (way too many). I was definitely hooked! (I mean cats! On a dress! Loads and loads of cats!)

And I repeat: CATS! On a dress!!
I love this look but it is a little "lolita going on 30"

I tried to accomplish too much too soon and I basically changed my entire wardrobe before I realised I wasn't done transforming my style and the New Girl look with tights and shorter lenght dresses wasn't exactly what I wanted. I am so impatient and when I want something I want it now! Hence the selfproclaimed compulsive shopper title. I discovered all the lovely ladies on IG that has become inspiration and friends and I went from vintagestyle to true vintage and reproductions like Bernie Dexter, PUG and Lindy Bop and I invested in my first real fluffy petticoat. One of the most valuable lessons I have finally come to terms with, is: Who cares what people think? Let them stare if they want. I have found so many ladies (and a few gents) on the social media who share my taste and style. I know I'm not alone <3

This Luck be a Lady dress is way to short for comfort but I loved the print so much
Ikea with my sister - you can't take me anywhere
Now I feel almost naked without red lip stick. My economy is basically in ruins but it has been worth it as I have never felt more me than I do now. I still enjoy the Jess from New Girl look from time to time but I am most happy in a vintage/repro dress and a petticoat. But as much as I don't mind being quirky I also know that that look isn't always appropriate. I wouldn't wear my petticoat to a job interview and depending on the job probably also not to work. If I ever do become a children's librarian I am however sure my fluffy petticoat and novelty prints will be a big hit :)

Do you dress up and down or do you stay in style? :)