Monday, 4 August 2014

The Adventures of Kat: Into vintagestyle

I moved to Copenhagen when I was 20 years old. I got a job in a huge department store (Magasin du Nord for those who are familar with it) for a couple of years, selling mens wear for Oscar Jacobson (a lot of it is actually very retro looking. I was always bummed the suits and waist coats didn't fit me :) ) and later on I moved to the womens floor selling for the British brand Oasis. Even though Oasis does have some retro looking stuff I was one of those girls who wore black leggings/skinny jeans and long oversize tops/short dresses most days pretending that was an outfit >.<

Spring 2010 - actually this is the day I met my boyfriend for the very first time

Barcelona 2012

I was always fascinated with 50s and 60s fashion and I have always had a few vintagestyle items in my wardrobe. I was never brave enough to go all the way and endure the discomfort in being stared at for dressing like a 50s housewife and that is unavoidable where I live. I totally get it though. I look like I'm going to a ball when I'm grocery shopping so I probably deserve a few stares :) Kids are fascinated and touch my petticoat and laugh (which is really awkward), teenagers stare and think I'm lame (but then who isn't lame to a teenager) and grown women want my dresses. So yes, you get a lot of attention. It can be awkward if you like me actually aren't that comfortable with a lot of attention and isn't too great at random chatting and small talk (I'm a big time introvert and my social skills could definitely be better).

Summer 2013

And then I discovered Modcloth. I knew the site existed but I always just dreamed about the beautiful dresses and shoes. Most isn't available in Denmark and we have ridiculous taxes when shopping outside the EU so I never ventured beyond dreaming. But then I saw the Hooked on a Feline dress on Pinterest and how appropriately named it was! It was my first Modcloth purchase of many (way too many). I was definitely hooked! (I mean cats! On a dress! Loads and loads of cats!)

And I repeat: CATS! On a dress!!
I love this look but it is a little "lolita going on 30"

I tried to accomplish too much too soon and I basically changed my entire wardrobe before I realised I wasn't done transforming my style and the New Girl look with tights and shorter lenght dresses wasn't exactly what I wanted. I am so impatient and when I want something I want it now! Hence the selfproclaimed compulsive shopper title. I discovered all the lovely ladies on IG that has become inspiration and friends and I went from vintagestyle to true vintage and reproductions like Bernie Dexter, PUG and Lindy Bop and I invested in my first real fluffy petticoat. One of the most valuable lessons I have finally come to terms with, is: Who cares what people think? Let them stare if they want. I have found so many ladies (and a few gents) on the social media who share my taste and style. I know I'm not alone <3

This Luck be a Lady dress is way to short for comfort but I loved the print so much
Ikea with my sister - you can't take me anywhere
Now I feel almost naked without red lip stick. My economy is basically in ruins but it has been worth it as I have never felt more me than I do now. I still enjoy the Jess from New Girl look from time to time but I am most happy in a vintage/repro dress and a petticoat. But as much as I don't mind being quirky I also know that that look isn't always appropriate. I wouldn't wear my petticoat to a job interview and depending on the job probably also not to work. If I ever do become a children's librarian I am however sure my fluffy petticoat and novelty prints will be a big hit :)

Do you dress up and down or do you stay in style? :)


  1. I've never been "in style", I'm not even sure I would know what was in style if it hit me in the head! I am the exact reverse of you, instead of changing all my clothes at once, I only have 2 or 3 items that I really love, no petticoat yet, and I think I wear those items so much that people think they are the only clothes I own. When I'm not wearing those, I'm terribly mismatched in styles, eras, and basically look like I got dressed in the dark! I wish I had your beautiful wardrobe!

    1. I don't even feel put together a lot of the time and well, I mostly show off the ones that work out obviously ;) They say you can't buy style and I think that's partly true. I don't really have knack for it but like a parrot I'm very good at imitating :) So a lot of the looks are inspired (or straight out knicked ;) ) from some very stylish ladies on Instagram. I really can look like I dressed in the dark as well, trust me ;)

  2. I love this post! I relate so much to it--I too am an introvert that isn't quite used to the level of attention that I get from the clothes that I wear, so I sometimes get insecure about wearing novelty prints and petticoats out and about. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one! I am getting more comfortable though. For example, last night I was going to go grocery shopping. I was wearing a very casual outfit, but I actually felt strange not being dressed up, so I changed into my PUG skirt, strapped on a Luxulite brooch, and slipped into my BAIT's & went out the door feeling fabulous haha.

    I am a compulsive shopper as well..and have too many short New Girl-esque dresses too. I'm trying to make my wardrobe more 50's-60's knee length or longer rather than cute (but too short) dresses, and am going bankrupt in the process ;P.

    I am so glad that I found all of you lovely people on IG that relate & I 100% agree about not caring about what others think & wearing whatever makes you happy :)

    -Kelsey (aka furelise_92 on IG)

    1. Haha are we the same person?! I have actually sold a bunch of the New Girl-espue dresses I started out buying - also because I lost some weight so they didn't fit as well either. But some of the prints I can't let go, like the horse print, the junk food and the galaxy dress and some others, all shorter lenght. I wear them on casual or very hot days in stead. Or to theme dress. I love theme dressing even though that's completely out of the 50s style.

  3. I loved reading this! So much of what you said also rings true for me. I used to not care about how I dressed. Deep down I've always liked vintage-style pieces and I had bought a few here and there through the years, but never really wore them because they weren't the norm. Then I discovered ModCloth and my wardrobe transformed completely in only a year. It's been so fun shopping for dresses with full skirts and novelty print clothing (though my wallet won't agree) and, like you said, I've never felt more me than I do now. I'm also an introvert and I feel like my style does some of the talking for me ;). It's crazy how much our choice of clothing/sense of style can make us feel! And instead of being afraid that my style is is different from everyone else, I actually LIKE that it's different. It's been so inspiring to have found other lovely ladies like yourself through Instagram who share a similar love for vintage fashion!

    xo, Serli

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been on this journey :) "I feel like my style does some of the talking for me" YES excatly! I couldn't have put it better myself :)

  4. We are so alike Kat! Its only been the last year or so that I've had the confidence to wear what I want and not care what people think! My Grandma always told me to embrace what I loved and dress what I felt comfortable in. I have to dress down a little at work so no petticoats, patterns or fancy footwear for me :( I wear more plain 50s skirts with a cute blouse, cardigan or a dress with flat shoes. I always feel amazing whenever I wear my dresses complete with one of Katy's brooches hehe!

    Lulu xx

    1. It's funny because all these ladies seem so confident and balanced in their fashion and style choices but most has through the same period of insecurity and feeling uncomfortable in their clothes :) It's nice to know I'm not alone in that. And in feeling completely comfortable now!