Saturday, 30 May 2015

Guilty Pleasures - and other things I dislike.

Unless you think that guy Adolf Hitler had some pretty good points in Mein Kampf or that neo-nazi folk band who play banjo whilst rapping about murdering POC and gay people, is actually the best thing you've ever heard, you should never feel guilty about listening to or reading anything.

Vintage cardigan and brooch: c/o Joules Jewels Vintage
(Seriously check out her Etsy shop, she has some awesome vintage stuff! Also she's really nice :D )

But the other way around is equally annoying and it's also one of things that makes me not want to be a librarian in the grown up section of the library. I am constantly told by (older) patrons that I'm wrong for not reading poetry or listening to classical music or reading whatever they think is awesome. Of course I just smile and nod apologetically, because I'm at work and generally a polite person (when I'm at work at least) but on the inside I am screaming. STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO LIKE!! On occasion I will venture into saying stuff like: Well, we all have different tastes, or The world would be boring if we liked the same stuff, right? but more often than not it will be met with a patronizing look and my being assured that I'm still wrong and should read more poetry. Thanks, but no thanks. Recommendations are great! Orders not so much.

Friday, 15 May 2015

I never wanted to change the world...

...but maybe somehow I will anyway - if only for a few people. I'm not sure why I started to blog except as much as I love IG I find that too long captions aren't the point and sometimes I want to say more. Sometimes I don't and then there will be weeks without a post - like now. Sorry :-S I know that is a no-no in blogging, but I also strongly believe in not writing just to write. You need to have something to say. Also I've been busy. Reading. Ok, I was reading but that's busy too.

Lately several people have told me they have been inspired by me. That left me so incredibly flattered and humbled (after my initial thought that they must be mad ;) ). You all know you only see parts of my life (and anyones life) on social media. And maybe that's okay. It doesn't show the panic attacks, the shouting, the fighting and the tears and the hurt. But we all know those feelings. Would the ugliness make anyone feel better? Or does showing the good, the surviving, make people want to fight their own demons to create a better life for themselves? I have come to believe the latter. And I have found that in creating my IG-persona I have too become a better person. I want to be that person! I am re-creating myself as the person I want to be.