Saturday, 28 February 2015

Wardrobe Addictions

I am the person who buys the same dress in all the colors. I'm sometimes even tempted to buy two of same dress in case I ruin it or it gets worn out (spoiler: I have more than a 100 freaking dresses - I can't wear them enough to wear them out!)

Bait Footwear Idas in Navy - (similar - sort of)
Old tights from H&M
Navy crop cardigan - Modcloth
Collar clips from Shelovescutestuff
Hair bow - Lulu in the sky
Art by notitledk

Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Librarian Chronicles: Taking responsibility for the fledglings

As you may have gathered from my IG I :
( - finished my masters last Summer)
1) am a librarian - preferably childrens - but this is a choice, not something I am limited to.
2) currently in a substitute postition (2.5 months - someone broke a hip. Unlucky for her, good for me)
3) am invited to a lot of interviews but never get the position.

The economy is still poor and nobody feels this like government funded institutions. But there are some positions. And they are intrigued by my applications and my picture. But in the end they opt for a person with more experience. Since october last year I have been to 7 job interviews (I may have forgotten one or two) and I have another tomorrow. They all like me and think I'm quite sensible and have great ideas (which they probably steal ;) ). But it's risky to hire someone with little to no experience.

So here are my thoughts on employers taking a social responsibility.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Don't feed the trolls

I have mostly been spared negative comments on my IG profile. Thankfully. I have had a few negative comments, some spam and usually I just delete them (I report spam though, follow4follow my ass) It's really not worth it to reply. On occasion though I must.