Saturday, 28 February 2015

Wardrobe Addictions

I am the person who buys the same dress in all the colors. I'm sometimes even tempted to buy two of same dress in case I ruin it or it gets worn out (spoiler: I have more than a 100 freaking dresses - I can't wear them enough to wear them out!)

Bait Footwear Idas in Navy - (similar - sort of)
Old tights from H&M
Navy crop cardigan - Modcloth
Collar clips from Shelovescutestuff
Hair bow - Lulu in the sky
Art by notitledk

Closets Bloomsbury model has become one of those addictions. It's called Luck be a Lady on Modcloth and comes in a variety of colors and lengths (mostly around 33"-35") and even a version with sleeves. I love that one! 

At first I thought they were a bit boring and I wasn't convinced. But then I got a job and needed some dresses for work that wouldn't cause too much of a riot and preferably with pockets to carry phone and keys. Which they have (yay!) So I got the purple and green... And then I couldn't stop... 

The length is perfect for me. I love longer dresses but I'm short and longer dresses make me feel like I need an occasion, if that makes sense. I see awesome ladies my height like Modernjunecleaver rocking these longer dresses and skirts...but I feel too dressy (hard to imagine perhaps). Seems so weird that more demure dresses make me feel it's not really appropriate for work but there you go. People have weird ideas and I'm no exception ;) Perhaps I just don't want too much attention on me. Believe it or not, drawing attention to myself isn't my favorite thing in the world.

They are becoming my favorite go to dresses for work but they are certainly also appropriate for special occasions. I just overdress 99% of the time as I'm sure you know ;)

Closet dresses on my Dressed app

My IG is currently a freaking poster board for Closet and when they noticed they were sweet enough to send me this amazing Lily print one to add to my collection :D (I then bought two more because I didn't have red one and they got an OWL print! And the new models seem come in a 6! Yay! I usually get the 8 but it is a little big in the waist)

Do you have any shopping addictions? Other than this off the top of my head I can mention Luxulite brooches, BAIT footwear, brooches in general, (pussybow) shirts (they go so well with the Bloomsbury dress!) and novelty mugs (I have 10 on my Modcloth wish list that I'm trying not to buy. I mean how many mugs can I possibly need?! All of them. The answer is all of them)




  1. Novelty mugs are great to keep on the wish list and sneak into your cart to meet a free shipping or coupon minimum!
    I only have the milkshake purse so far, but I can already tell you with confidence that novelty bags are gonna be my new addiction.
    xoxo, Kathy

    1. Ah yes! I'm sctually building a small collection of novelty purses myself! It's so easy to add a little humour to an outfit with a milkshake or an apple purse :D I'm currently drooling over the pencil on Modcloth!

  2. I feel you on those Closet dresses! If I (ironically) had more closet space I would never be able to stop buying them. I only have 3 right now, but every time I see a different pattern or color (usually on your Instagram, haha) it takes some self control not to buy it! That owl print one is really taking some self control. Haha.