Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Don't feed the trolls

I have mostly been spared negative comments on my IG profile. Thankfully. I have had a few negative comments, some spam and usually I just delete them (I report spam though, follow4follow my ass) It's really not worth it to reply. On occasion though I must.

This was posted to my "My sewing machine is busted" pic on IG.

I shouldn't have answered at all I guess. I hate being left with the feeling that maybe I overreacted. Maybe I should just have smiled. Maybe it was funny and I'm just a sour librarian bitch who can't take a joke. Or maybe it's okay to have limits to bullshit (sexist) comments (no matter what gender they're sexist towards.)




  1. Nope. You didn't overreact, the mere fact that he said "____is sexy" is cause for shutting him down. And you never, ever need to smile when some guy is being creepy for no reason. It's total overkill, but I feel that way about any guy I don't know who tries to follow me on Insta. I know you're not here to look at my dress collection dude, get outta here. You go on with your awesome self and leave that troll under the bridge. <3 Clarissa Snarling

    1. That's my problem too. I always find it just a tiny bit weird when men follow me. And those 'I like pantyhose'-accounts run by dudes. Yuck. On occasion I'll get 50 likes from one of those and their account is private so I have no idea if he's reposting my legs >.< The Internet truly is a strange and wonderful place. But sometimes mostly strange.

  2. No, I would not say you overreacted at all. There are some things that just do not sit well with us. I personally did not find that comment funny at all. I also agree with the comment above, the fact that he mentioned "sewing machines are sexy" is creepy enough. Also, anyone who actually follows your IG knows you have a fabulous sense of humor!

    On a side note, I just noticed you linked my blog on your side bar! Thank you so much! I really like this idea. I will be putting a sidebar of my own up this weekend, and will most definitely be including your wonderful blog. :)

    1. Aw thanks! Yes I did both as a reminder to myself about blogs to read and as a inspiration to other readers;)
      The Internet is a weird place sometimes and it's easy to second guess yourself. I'm glad I'm alone on this. Thank you!