Thursday, 22 January 2015

Confession Time and Cat dresses

I got swept away by one of those apps that can make your skin look all neat and airbrushed. And I don’t want to cheat like that. I don’t want other women looking at me and thinking why don’t I look like that and feel bad or jealous or wonder what's wrong with them.
I don't mean tweaking the light and colours and such - that's just editing. And I don't want to go around saying it is wrong for others to use those kinds of apps, simply that I don't want to. Someone complimented my skin in a picture where I'd used that app and I have to admit I felt a bit ashamed to be ashamed of how I really look. There's just no point. And it goes against what I truly believe - that noone should feel ashamed about how they look or explain why they look like that.

Several times I have encountered memes and statements about eye brows. For some reason critizizing and judging women on their eye brows is alright? Well, I will be the first to admit I don't give a shit about my eye brows. Unless they disappear. Then I might. But frankly how other people like to look is none of your business. If they like drawn up black ones what’s it to you? I draw mine up – when I remember – and if I am going to the hair dressers anyway I have them dyed, so I don’t have to remember for a few weeks, simply because I’ve chosen to have dark hair and it looks better. But it doesn’t exactly ruin my day if I forget.

I am imperfect and though I don't have bad skin, it sure as hell doesn't look like fairy skin either ;) So here I am - unedited with crow's feet, imperfections, scar from my nose piercing and unplucked brows because I'm extremely lazy when it comes to that.

Other than that Serli reminded me of this dress and inspired my to wear it more :) Cats, popcorn and going to the movies may easily be some of my favourite things <3

And well clothes is the next thing that has bothered me for a while. I fell in love with the whole vintage/pinup/rockabilly community because it seemed to me that the philosophy was that you should wear whatever the hell you like and sod it to those who dared judge you based on it. And yet I have seen women on IG trash women who choose to wear sweats or leggings on a daily basis – claim that they don’t make an effort. I hardly think that’s fair. If you should be allowed to wear whatever you want why shouldn’t they? And I know it’s hard not to judge – I have caught myself winching at women who wear leggings as trousers, but I know I’m the one who’s wrong to do so. My choices aren’t the only ones who are right and I am constantly trying not to judge other or myself. 

Shoes: Modcloth
Cardigan: Also Modcloth
Tights: Not Modcloth 
Belt: From a Bernie dress
Earrings: eBay

Rant over! :D

xoxo, Kathrine


  1. YEAH GIRL!! I have NEVER plucked or waxed my eyebrows. They're full, they're a bit crazy, but I just don't get the grooming concept of your EYEBROWS! Dear God, they're EYEBROWS! What does it matter? Also, I love that dress and some day it will be mine!

    In a Nutshell...

  2. There's so much eyebrow madness on the Interwebz! I've never really understood it. I've never cared much how mine look either! Glad I'm not alone on this :) Criticism on the Internet (and in real life) of ourselves and others is a crazy thing. It's rampant and extremely easy to get caught up in! It's definitely good to check ourselves now and then. Your honesty is very refreshing! And you're lovely just as you are :)

    1. I will admit that some of the pinup ladies indeed do have very lovely eyebrows but the thing is, you (or I do anyway) only notice them when you really look. Otherwise they are just there as the rain gutters of your face ;)
      Thank you for your kind words :-*

  3. I have terribly thin eyebrows and pencil in those bad boys but almost never pluck them, minus a stray. I can't believe there are ladies that rant about others eyebrows but I suppose I'm not surprised. I admire you embracing your skin as it is (which is beautiful!!!). I'm still working on that one and although I don't share that journey on instagram I do on my blog.

    Love your dress! You always have the cutest outfits put together.


    1. Yes, I read that. I think it's very brave and hopefully helps others with the same issues :) I'm lucky I never had any real skin problems except some exzema around the nose that comes and goes. I've been rid of that for a while though after I started using almond oil as a make up remover, but then again it could just be luck ;)