Sunday, 19 October 2014

Highly Functioning Introvert

Get the Sherlock reference? Well done.

Black giraffe earrings: Gift from my mom

I am always nervous in new situations. I don't interact well with people I don't know (or even on occansion people I know). Often I get nervous about intimite situations (one on one) situations with people I know well - what if there's silence? The bad kind. What if there's isn't enough of the good silence where I don't have to talk.
But none of this means I can't fullfill a job talking to and interacting with humans. Because you learn to deal with your shortcomings. And there's a lot of us. Introverts. Weirdlings. People you try to hug and we're so unprepared for the human contact that we end up having a hand on your boob and just keep it there hoping you didn't notice (fun fact: People always notice. It's annoying).

Here's how to recognize us:

  • We often read a lot
  • We are good listeners (it's much easier than talking)
  • We are often pretty bad at consoling people how has experienced trauma and say things like: Ehm. I can get you some alcohol? or pat you awkwardly on the back
  • We often say inappropriate things because we are terrible at keeping a conversation going (not about vaginas or anything, just things you shouldn't have said in that forum)

  • We often like cats better than dogs (cats are the introverts of the animal kingdom - and the assholes but that does not necessarily apply to introverts)
  • We are often very good at Internetting (it's interacting with people but without the people! yay)
  • We like knitwear (just kidding. Who doesn't like knitwear?)

Starting a new job is always difficult. Not only do you have to learn new tasks and absorb all sorts of new knowledge (a LOT of it unspoken), you also have to get to know a bunch of new people and a new culture. This is hard for me. I can easily go days without talking to another human in real life. It rarely happens anymore as I have Boyfriend but sometimes I even wish he would go on holiday without me so I could be alone and eat weird food (like pineapple/chili/rice soup, it's amazing. Try it) and stay on the couch with the cats all night while binge whatching Dr. Who or Supernatural (Boyfriend doesn't watch those shows. Freak). And speaking of that here's one that certainly is applicable to me because I'm a horrible, grumpy person 60% of the time:

We (I) have (a) very patient So's who put up with a lot of borderline misanthropic shit

Dress: Modcloth (sold out) - Similar
Shirt: Modcloth
Headband: Old -
Pin: Modcloth

Many people think we are weird shy creatures who want's to be alone all the time. This is partly true but not quite. We just need alone time to recharge. Extroverts gather energy by being with people, we gather energy by being alone (possibly with animals). Surely there're a few introverts living under rocks and being weird and hermit-like but this is only true for a small part of the introverts. I would probably be one of those if I hadn't met Boyfriend.

Disclaimer: Obviously all of this is not true for every single introvert in the world. Or possibly anyone but me...


  1. I chuckled so much at this post because I can absolutely relate. (Doctor Who ftw)

  2. I'm an introvert as well, I was terribly quiet and shy when I was a kid! I'm not so shy now but I still rather listen then do the talking. :)

  3. I am such an introvert! People think that's crazy when I say that because I wear loud clothes and can be loud myself. People often mistake "introvert" for "quiet and reserved." This is not always the case! The best way I describe it is how one spends their Friday nights - extroverts relax by partying with their friends and introverts prefer to snuggle up and read or watch Netflix all night to relax. Nothing to do with clothing choices or volume control! Haha

    1. Hehe, ain't that the truth! I can definitely be as loud as the next person but 8 times out of 10 I'll regret I made plans and just want to stay in ;)

  4. I am an introvert too but I happen to be a dog person! Haha. I suck at new situations though! I love this outfit, just like how I love all your outfits! And don't worry, things are tough in the beginning with a new job but it only gets easier!

    xo, Serli

  5. OMG - this is me to a T. Love your blog and pretty dresses, btw. :D