Sunday, 30 November 2014

Merry Christmas Tag

I got the Christmas tag from Bethanygraceo of Curious Claptrap! And I love Christmas, I love snow, I love presents... Definitely my favourite time of the year. I just decorated - and if you read my Halloween post you'll know decorating is not my strong point. But hey I try and I still think that should give me some points ;)

Christmassy outfit eh?

Favourite Christmas movie?

The Grinch! I love Dr. Seuss and Jim Carrey. But generally I just love Christmas movies. They just have a certain feel. And they are usually pretty and sparkly.

We can't have a christmas tree because the cats eat it and puncture their guts and we can't afford to fix them all the time so I decorate the plants instead.

Presents on Christmas Eve or morning?

Well, I am Danish although my dad's English (of sorts) so we do the whole shebang Christmas Eve. Giant dinner, then pressies. Then lots of wine and falling asleep on the sofa.

Favourite Christmas memory?

You know, I really don't have one. But I vividly remember the year my dad collected little knicks knacks all year and on Christmas Eve I was presented with a huge basket full of hundreds of tiny little presents all wrapped and pretty. That was so awesome.

Yes we drank all the bottles that came with that cork. And then some.

Favourite festive food?

I have to repulse any veggie readers now (sorry). Duck. I love duck so much I want to marry it. I also really like the live animal but damn those little feathery bastards are tasty.

My book garland from Pelemele on Etsy. I probably could have made it myself. But I'm lazy. And I cry when I cut books.

Favourite Christmas present?

My little sister gave me a jewel frog a few years back. It is the best present I have ever gotten because it's just so me! And it's always so great to realize that the people you love know you so well.

Favourite Christmas scent?

Food. Cinnamon. Oranges and clementines. Mulled wine. Cookies even though I don't really eat them. Marcipan.

Both Boyfriend and I are chestnut hoarders. And the occasional pine cone. It doubles as decorations. And cat toys.

What tops my tree?

Well like I said earlier we don't have one. But my mom does and we have an ancient star that is all loopsided and worn. We have no idea where it comes from but none of us have bought a new one so it continues to live on. We put the tree up on the 23rd and my mom takes it down as soon as we leave. She's not a Christmas person :)

The cookie tins are out but not yet filled. With store bought cookies because there is people who bake much better cookies than I do ;) The bottom one is vintage and I'm not gonna tell you what I paid for it. I just couldn't live without those golden deer.

Christmas Eve traditions?

We play a gift game. We all buy 2-3 small, rubbish gifts and throw a dice for them. Every time you get a 6 you can take one from the pile. When the pile is all gone shit gets serious. Then we get to take from each other! The game lasts 10-20 minutes (one sets a timer and only that person knows how long we've got) but it gets really intense when you have no presents and your dad is piling up five! Then everybody gangs up and takes away all his presents :) In the end we rarely keep the ones we ended up with, we trade them around once they're opened. The fun is mostly in the game.

I have wanted these for so long and they finally came back in stock on Modcloth (they're sold out again though). I spruced them up with some Christmas trees and hearts made by Boyfriends late gran.

A Christmas present I never got as a kid?

I have no idea. Lots I'm sure, we weren't rich :) but nothing really stands out. When I was 6 I got a pony. I mean that sorta weighs out all the ones I didn't get, right?

Unrelated to Christmas but adorable. I always keep a Modcloth box around for Jones.

The best part of Christmas for me... going home. And I always pick a family member and try to make them cry with my card. I usually go for my mom or older sister because it's easy. But I think I'm going to try someone else this year. Sadly, I don't get to go home very often. The trip is expensive (train fair is a bitch in Denmark) and it's a long way away. For a Dane. I know Americans think we're silly. Our country is smaller than the average state ;)
I also really like finding good presents for people. Sometimes I go by a wishlist but I like it better when I can find something I just know they'll love!

And the Christmas episode of Dr. Who of course. And the last Hobbit movie.

The last one has nothing to do with Christmas or the doctor but how awesome is that mug?

Have a great 1st Advent, everybody <3




  1. I so enjoyed reading this! I find the danish christmas traditions so interesting compared to our english ones, I just can't imagine opening my presents on christmas eve! Have a lovely first day of december :)
    Bethany x

    1. I have celebrated Christmas in England a few times, it was soo weird as well haha :) I liked it though. But I don't think I could convince my family to wait opening presents :)
      One day I'll try to be in Australia on Christmas and try wearing Summer clothing on Christmas Eve ;)

  2. I love this post Kat! Yes celebrating Christmas in Australia, is so different to Europe or America! I love to have a white winter Christmas one year!

    1. I really would love to! It would be so much fun, I'm sure :)

  3. What a lovely tag! And I love your outfit!!