Sunday, 28 June 2015

Follow the Yellow Brick Road - sort of.

I was contacted by Olena from My Bookmark to review a couple of bookmarks and you better believe I said yes! An excuse to do a fun photoshoot with my new Unique Vintage dress?! Yes yes og yes!! :D

bait footwear, ruby slippers, dictiocanary, wicked witch of the easy, my bookmark,

My Bookmark (Instagram here) consists of 4 women who design, make and market really fun bookmarks. I first saw the wicked witch and it was love at first sight.

Wicked Witch bookmark - c/o My Bookmark

Sure, Dorothy is the hero but as well as we remember her blue gingham dress we remember the black and white stockings of the wicked witch of the East. Now I KNOW they are actually silver shoes. But never mind that. We remember the red ones.  

unique vintage, garden state dress, wicked witch, wizard of oz
Garden state cocktail dress - c/o Unique Vintage
Ruby slippers - Bait Footwear
Tights - eBay
Belt from another dress
Hat - old from H&M

I wanted to do this with all the pictures. But then I remembered how much I hate coloring in >.< And how much I don't colour within the lines.

I like witches. Even the bad ones have my sympathy due to the witch hunts. (Clever women are scary. Let's burn them)

The dress is the same as my previous UV dress - the Garden State dress but after Pinsandpencils made me this drawing I knew I needed a black dress like this. UV to the rescue! It was in their new collection. And well I kinda want this dress is every colour. Especially blue and burgundy. They are longer than one by the way but they still look good on me I think :)

It is such a pretty dress. It's an occasion dress for sure. I'm (probably) not going to wear it to work. Unless I need to dress up as a witch for the kids. I'm getting some American Horror Story Coven vibes from this. 

kathrine pachniuk, unique vintage, vintage style, dictiocanary, bait footwear,

We ended our rather windy adventure by going out for lunch with Wrath beer. 

My bearded photographer and patient boyfriend. When it comes to photography I'm the patient one. "Oh you need 100 frames of that tree. Sure, that's fine. I brought a book..." ;)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 




  1. Ha, this is brilliant!!!!! You are so fun dressing up in themed outfits!x

  2. So nice to see the man behind the camera! Aha! These photos look great! Love the pops of red!

    1. You never go completely wrong with black and red heheh :)