Friday, 19 June 2015

Not like other girls?

I am a feminist. Let's just get that out of the way. There are a thousand ways to be a feminist and I'm not going to tell you how to feminist.

I have wanted to write this in a while but wasn't sure how. Now I'm just doing it, because we had an election last night and I'm furious and I need to rant.

I frequently see shit like this:

And I can't help roll my eyes a little bit. Snowflake, you are not unique. This is basically thousands of girls. Why is it girls and women have this need to be "not like other girls?"

You guessed it. I'm going to tell you. Sit back and bask in the rays of my genius.

We don't want to be like other girls because girls are weak. Girls like dresses and tea parties, we are breakable and dainty and boring. We talk about boys and lipstick. We read Jane Austen and think spiders are gross.
And guess what? This is all completely true. For some girls. For me. Except the Austen thing. I've actually never read Austen. But I want to.
And we are so much more. We play WoW, we fangirl hardcore over Doctor Who, zombies, comic books, books and super heroes and dinosaurs. We dress in jeans, dresses, stockings, sweats and cosplay. And most of all: most of us are all of this and a lot more. We are princesses, geeks and warriors.

I am like sooo many other girls and thank heavens for that! Because I and all these girls are so amazing and I am happy to be like them. We love food, we may wear dresses but we still climb shit. We laugh too loud and too awkward, we joke and swear. And some of us don't. Some of us wear high heels and cross our legs when we sit and that's pretty cool too. 

But especially young girls don't want to be like other girls. They want to be one of the boys - not realizing that it's actually just one of the children or one of the humans. I know boys and girls are different. They should be. But the stereotypes that makes us ashamed to be girls can go fuck themselves. Teach your kids, siblings, cousins and students to be fucking proud to be girls. Because we are awesome. And teach your boys that we are awesome and totally worth playing with. And no means no, but that's a different story for another day, kids.

I am a girl just like any other girl: diverse, unique and awesome!



All photos are ruthlessly stolen from 9gag. Oh yes, I'm also a girl on 9gag. They are real.

Disclaimer: I'm also totally not a girl. I'm a 30 year old woman, but you get my drift.


  1. Well said!! I agree. I encounter lots of prejudice towards girls from some families who clearly favour boys above girls (as a teacher) and it is very hard to try and break those stereotypes. X

    1. I still hear the "boys will be boys"-sentence. Eh no. Boys will be assholes if you teach them that.

    2. Ha, so true!!! And SO many parents don't understand that- their little princes can do anything they like because they are the cherished boy!

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  3. So much this! I worry for my niece sometimes, but I will be the voice of reason....maybe reason or maybe not as I sit and argue with a 3 year old about who's weirder! But she does love Star Wars and Frozen so he can't be doing too bad :)
    I also hate the "I don't have other girl friends, there's too much drama, boys are easier." Mmmmm.