Monday, 16 March 2015

Hey four-eyes!

I have 20-20 vision. It's always bothered me because glasses are awesome! Everyone in my family has glasses! Except me and my youngest siblings (and my 91 year old grandmother. Apparently I take after her) And they don't want glasses so they're happy. So unfair. Sigh.

Thank goodness there are ways to solve this. Such as Le Vero Girls who wear glasses collection! Boyfriend calls them my super hero glasses. I'm not sure if he's actually trying to be snarky but I love it! :D Super hero glasses <3

How absolutely wicked is this felt headband!!

 And this one! #@<3 

I'm not going to lie, this headband was love at first sight because it instantly reminded me of comic book swearing &!#%$€ (and Instagram of course. I love Instagram).

My lovely friend and the creator of the awesome headbands (you may have seen the haters one on The Clothes Horse or Shelovesdresses who are also some of the beautiful faces in the introduction video, and on my wish list ;) The headband! Not the ladies ) is having a Kickstarter to raise funds for her Beauty Parlor project and you can make a pledge and see the collection here

(I also love filters)

I think it is so important to help small businesses grow and start new projects. Not just for them but for us! The customers! It's not like I don't like the big established brands but I like having choices (and quaint little things like these headbands). A lot of people have really great ideas and I like supporting them. (I spend an awful lot of money on Etsy and on my ever growing wish list is this and this!) And from the new collection I definitely need a #follow! And maybe the red glasses as well! I have pledged $38 which means that if the project hits it's goal I get to choose two headbands but you can pledge whatever you want from $1 to the full amount ;)

Kickstarter is such an amazing way to feel closer to the projects you want to see succeed if that makes sense. It feels like you're a part of it even if merely as a silent partner <3

My not at all biased suggestion is to go support Kandice using the link! ;) Because I like her. And her headbands. A lot <3




  1. You always look so so amazing, and this is a great concept!
    Hope you've had a great Wednesday,
    Bethany x

    Do pop over to my blog, if you fancy of course, and tell me what you think!

    1. Thank you very much! :) I actually already follow your blog :D

  2. This is literally one of the cutest outfits...EVER! I have 20/20 vision too and occasionally wear faux glasses because they're too fun not to! ;)